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Our Signature Package

The wedding of your dreams

Wedding of your dreamsA great wedding is a culmination of invitations, seating plans, décor, ceremony, food, wine, flowers, and music.  It is conducive to memorable moments, great conversation, and the making and rekindling of lasting friendships.  Like so many other art forms, its apparent ease of execution disguises an inversely proportionate amount of hard work, planning, and skill.

A great wedding impacts all of the senses — it is tactile and noisy, full of sights, smells, and tastes — but most of all, it is emotional and meaningful. When all of these sensations and emotions come together, that experience takes on a transcendent quality that will define the memory of your wedding for you and your guests.

Our Signature Wedding Package has been developed to offer you, the wedding couple, a seamless and delightful wedding day without stress and complication.  In order to bring you to that point, our dedicated team will guide you through a planning process that will leave you confident in your plan and confident in us.  You will be ready and able to direct your attention to the other very personal components of your wedding such as décor, flowers, vows, and music.  Finally, it is our hope that you will be able to relax into your wedding day and really live the experience.

The Schedule

As with so manscheduley of the components of our wedding package, the schedule of events is a finely tuned part of our process, optimizing our guests’ experience of each of the components of the wedding.

The schedule includes plenty of venue changes for your guests, who will move together from venue to venue.  As guests move around the property, they experience an array of different food and service styles, but more importantly, they are guided through the peaks and valleys of emotion, ceremony, and festivity that make weddings so meaningful and memorable.

Emotion and anticipation dominate the crowd as they sit, surrounded by ocean and sky at our Chapel by the Sea, waiting for the bride, then quietly observing the ceremony and vows. The mood and conversation are always light with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the garden. Camaraderie, raucous toasts, and moving speeches set the tone during dinner.  Finally, after all that emotion, there is nothing left to do but kick off your shoes, dance, cheer, and revel in the joyousness of it all.

Our processes, systems, and staff training are all set up to allow us to quietly and discreetly set the stage for all of these wonderful things to happen.

Signature Wedding Schedule of Events

  • 4:00pm Ceremony at Chapel by the Sea
  • 4:30pm Hors d’oeuvres, Cocktails, Photos in the Garden
  • 6:00pm Principal Meal in the Great Room
  • 8:30pm After Dinner Music and Dancing in the lounge
  • 11:00pm Late-night Culinary Offering
  • 1:00am Bar Closes

Chapel by the Sea


There is something quite magical about being married by the ocean, so we have created several spaces where this might happen.  Our Chapel by the Sea is by far the most popular spot.  As well, there is a large lawn area, a garden, and several other spaces where ceremonies have taken place.

Say your vows between the ocean, the sky, and the people you love.  The emotional significance and visual impact of witnessing a marital union in such a setting cannot be overstated.  Guests watching the wedding ceremony unfold in front of such a breathtaking backdrop will be moved.

Hors d ‘oeuvres & Cocktails in the Garden

cocktailThis is a perfect chance for guests to mill about and socialize before dinner. Informal arrangements of sitting and standing areas lend themselves to small conversation groups and relaxation while guests enjoy beautifully presented hors d’ oeuvres and before-dinner drinks.

On your own, or in consultation with our chef, you can use our menus to design your own hors d’ oeuvres menu. This is a chance to be expressive and carefree with your menu selections. When you plan the principal meal, you may want to consider the tastes and preferences of your guests, but with hors d’ oeuvres anything goes. Choose items that really appeal to you or speak to the extremes of your personality: restrained, “down-home,” unpretentious, glamorous, decadent, daring, passionate… have fun with it!

The same goes for the drink menu at this point in the day. Offer the classics: a signature cocktail, a glass of bubbly, a keg, or Italian sodas. Have servers waiting with drinks on trays, or take a more laid-back tone and allow guests to wander to the bar on their own.

Usually, at this time, the wedding party is off getting photos taken. You may want to request that your photographer has you back in time to enjoy the cocktail festivities with all the guests, or you may want to save your grand entrance for the principal meal. No matter what you choose, let us know where the photo shoots are taking place, and we will bring a sampling of refreshments and hors d’ oeuvres to you.

Principal Meal in the Great Room

mealOur critically acclaimed Chefs oversees food and beverage services and will meet with you to discuss your options and plan your menu, wine list, cocktails, hors d’ oeuvres, and late night offering.

The principal meal will be served in the Great Room, which can be personalized with props, décor, flowers, and centerpieces. Our goal is to create an ambience that makes even a large party feel intimate and familiar.

No matter what your menu, meals arrive perfectly cooked and beautifully garnished. They are served quickly and efficiently at a tempo that does not rush the guests but keeps them from getting bored. Our servers will identify guests with special dietary needs and serve them an alternate menu that we will create to compliment the rest of your food events.

Our culinary team specializes in gourmet, multi-course menus.

Late night

After Dinner Music, Dance & Late-Night Snack

Turn up the music and dance the night away. You can bring in a DJ or band, or you can play music of your own on our sound system. Some of your less adventurous guests will appreciate that we keep quiet spaces open as a low-key option where they can take breaks from the party or pass the night with quiet conversation. Our late night culinary offering is always a hit, choices include hearty soup and homemade bread, pizza, s’mores, or poutine bar.

Photo Credit: Alex MacAulay