Friday, I was having a day. The kids were acting out, Poppy had hit a whole new level with her teething, and I looked like I needed 20 hours of sleep. we put the kids to bed and Rob told me not to worry, he was going to whisk me away soon enough.

The next day, I was ordered to go to the city to grab a dress that would photograph well on a beach but would also be great for a nice dinner together. I found this one at Forever21 and started to get excited about what was going on but really had no idea any details until Monday.
I guess I should backtrack a bit. As many of you loyal readers know, I turned 30 last month and as you could tell from my social media, we didn’t really do much for it. I had always pictured going down south to celebrate but it just wasn’t in the cards this year, so I just moved through it like it was any other day.

Rob felt horrible for us not doing anything big. So, behind my back, he secretly planned out a night away just the two of us to Oceanstone Seaside Resort.

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Happy Sunday guys!! I’ve been so excited to be able to share with you our experience at Oceanstone Seaside Resort in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. After a whirlwind work weekend in Halifax we could not wait to take off, head out of the city and wake up beside the ocean. Oceanstone Resort is about 40 minutes outside of Halifax and the absolute perfect, relaxing, getaway spot. I cannot tell you how beautiful this place is, it’s truly magical.
We left the day that Ed Sherran’s new album came out, the album played on repeat all weekend so imagine all those awesome dreamy songs playing in the background of all of this.

We had the absolute pleasure of a one-night getaway at the Oceanstone Seaside Resort. This lovely resort is located in Indian Harbour, only 40 minutes from Halifax and about 75 minutes from the Annapolis Valley. It’s the ideal location for weddings, corporate meetings and of course a staycation.

The property is stunning! It’s truly a beautiful and magical escape from the stress of everyday life. Oceanstone Seaside Resort is far enough outside of the city to allow for complete relaxation. Plus, it’s right on the ocean! Take a stroll along the beach (the freezing cold temperatures didn’t stop us!) and soak up the salt air. There’s something rejuvenating about being surrounded by nature and within a stone’s throw of the ocean. This getaway will give you the chance to chill out and regroup…

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