Oceanstone Resort: Why It Has a Place in Our Hearts by Love and Sundays

16th May 2017

Okay guys, this will be a bit of Story Time so bare with me… you will love it, I promise!

Let’s back track to the day I got engaged. Jon proposed in September of 2013 on a Friday and the following Monday morning I was on the phone with Oceanstone because I knew that was the place that I wanted to get married. I was lucky enough to get around the date that I was hoping for because boy, do they fill up fast! We knew we wanted to get married in Nova Scotia because this was our home, where we met, also where we grew up and started adulting. Jon’s family is from Iceland and My family lives in Nova Scotia and at that point they didn’t really have a lot of time to spend together so I wanted to give them the classic east coast oceanside cottage retreat so they could relax and get to know each other and Oceanstone was beyond perfect for that. The best thing about planning a wedding at Oceanstone (aside from the staff, more on how amazing they are later) was the fact that the entire property was reserved for your wedding party for two full nights. This allowed us to have a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony the night before our actual wedding so we were able to combine both of our cultures together… not to mention the opportunity for our family and friends to gather and meet and mingle before the more formal day…

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