Before we begin, we must warn you that this post may lead to serious cravings.  


Canadians are maple-syrup lovers. We can’t deny it.  So what is a Canadian s’more without maple-syrup flavoured marshmellows?

Instantly ‘Canadianize’ any s’more with these bad boys! Top it off with one of our exclusively Canadian chocolate bars, that you won’t find south of the border, like Crispy Crunch or a Crunchie bar , that will go perfectly with that maple syrup flavour.  If you really want to go full blown Canadian, grab some Tim’s doughnuts on your way, slice one in half and use in replacement of graham crackers.

Pair with an ice cold Canadian craft beer, and call it a celebration.


Peanut Butter and Chocolate are a match made in heaven, there’s no doubt about it.

Toss a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup on your s’more as a substitute for chocolate, or spread some peanut butter on your graham cracker before layering your ooey gooey ‘shmellow on there.  Your average s’more will never be the same!

Not a peanut butter fan? Replace it with Nutella and prepare for love at first bite.


Of course, this is an Oceanstone favourite.  Next time you stop by, make sure you pick up a box of LURE caramel chocolates from Rhubarb restaurant on your way in. These are hand-made caramels, dipped in delicious chocolate that will melt in your mouth.  They are made from start to finish right here on our property, so we can assure you, you’ll have a fresh batch.

You can pick from a variety of sea salt, pecan, almond, or ginger, but we recommend you try them all. Check them out here.


If you want to seriously step up your s’more game and impress your guests… whip up a batch of fresh made chocolate chip cookies before your fire and use as graham crackers. Need we say more?

Short on time? Pick up some Chocolate Chip cookies from the grocery store, or a pack of oreos!



Now that we’ve got your mouth watering, we thought it was best to leave you on the right track.  Try out a healthier option for everyone’s summer guilty pleasure by swapping out milk chocolate for dark, making your own marshmellows with this recipe.  For the finishing touch, be sure to check out recipes like this one for a healthy alternative to store-bought graham crackers!


Try one, or try them all!  Either way, let us know what you think.

Have any other to-die-for s’mores recipes that we should add to the list? Let us know!

Coming to Halifax? Not sure what to do? I’ve received SO many emails and messages asking for my suggestions for Halifax, so I decided to make a blog post for you all! I’m happy so many of you are excited to come to my city because I really do love it oh so much. To celebrate #Canada150 I’ve compiled a pretty intense travel guide for you, but if you have any specific questions PLEASE let me know. I’m happy to address any of your travel concerns.

*Also don’t miss it but I’ve collaborated with a bunch of local bloggers, so be sure to check out their blogs as well.


If you have a car you’ve got to go to Peggy’s Cove because it’s what EVERY tourist does lol. Heads up it’s VERY windy, and usually pretty cold (in case you wanted to shoot outfit pics). While you’re there also visit Polly’s Cove and dine at The Rhubarb for dinner, or stay at Oceanstone…

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“Do you have a peer group…a community…a tribe…a squad…whatever the cool kids..and Taylor Swift…call it?  😉 I feel so lucky to be working as a blogger, which is mostly a solo gig, but also to have found “my people” at ECM Media.   With the  support of ECM, bringing us together to network and learn, I’ve learned so much and have been privileged to make friends along the way. I’ve spent some time learning how to paint, decorate with flowers, and sometimes we get together in a beautiful setting like Oceanstone Seaside Resort…”

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