Allie & Sam’s Cottage Staycation

I have been dreaming about visiting Oceanstone Resort for such a long time. If you have read my 2018 Travel Bucket list post it was actually included. I am so excited to announce that I have checked off something from that list already! I have been ogling peoples photos of Oceanstone’s on social media for so long, and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. Oceanstone is a seaside resort located just minutes away from Peggy’s Cove and about 40 minutes from our home in Halifax. It is one of the top wedding locations in Nova Scotia and the perfect spot to disconnect from the busyness of life. They have rooms, suites, and cottages available and each cottage at Oceanstone is unique.



We stayed in the Captain’s House. This big blue cottage is right on the water. Inside there are three bedrooms. One on the main floor and two bedrooms on the upper floor. The cottage had so much character and it made us long for our own piece of heaven on the ocean. The decor was the perfect mix of old and new, the walls were all painted a crisp white, there was exposed beam ceilings in the living area and a wood stove that we used lots.

I would completely recommend the Captain’s House for a family getaway. With three bedrooms, five beds, two bathrooms, and a full kitchen – it is the perfect place to enjoy time with your family. Allie and I are already trying to figure out who we should bring for a visit in the summer!

I am obsessed with the ocean, I mean look at the name of my blog, and this was the perfect place to connect with the ocean. The view was to die for. From every room, you could see the ocean with its large crashing waves and mist rolling in. READ MORE…


We’ve hosted so many stunning weddings at Oceanstone. Each one has been unique and memorable. We love looking back on the wedding’s we’ve hosted. We’ve asked a few Oceanstone Couples 3 questions to give you a peek inside their special day.  Keep reading to find out why each couple chose Oceanstone as their wedding venue, what the favourite memory of their wedding day is, and where they are now.

Dana & Joel

Married Saturday, August 27, 2016

Why Did You Choose Oceanstone for Your Wedding?

“The reason we chose Oceanstone for our venue was because of its amazingly unique and intimate beauty; a true East Coast experience by the ocean. Celebrating our wedding with our closest family and friends was incredibly important to us.  Oceanstone allowed us to be in one beautiful location, for a full weekend, where we and our guests were fully able to truly spend time together.”

What Was the Highlight of Your Wedding Day?

“The favourite part of our wedding day was waking up with the sun shining over the ocean and hearing the sound of the waves as they hit the shore line.  Our wedding day was sunny and warm and with the breeze of the ocean, we couldn’t have asked for anything more spectacular.  Everything from gathering for brunch, to the ceremony, and an evening reception with music, dance, and laughter, created a day full of memories we will always cherish.  We are so thankful to all the incredible staff at Oceanstone who truly made everything come together so perfectly!”

What’s New Since Your Wedding? Where are You Now?

“Just over a year later, we are doing well.  We moved into our new lakefront home, and loving it.  We are still receiving wonderful comments from family and friends about the incredible weekend they enjoyed with us celebrating our wedding at Oceanstone.”

Oceanstone Wedding








Photographer: Zack Kennedy

Jenni & Michael

Married on February, 25, 2017

There was a HUGE snowstorm the day after Jenni and Michael’s wedding. The couple had an impromptu honeymoon at Oceanstone for a few days since all flight back to Newfoundland we’re cancelled for two days. A true East Coast wedding! Here is what they have to say about their wedding day:

Why Did You Choose Oceanstone for your Wedding?

“We chose Oceanstone because we wanted somewhere we could escape to, that wasn’t too far from home, and allowed us to have more than just the single evening to celebrate with our friends and family.  We really liked the idea of a resort style venue, where people could come and go as they pleased if they were staying, but it also wasn’t too far from the city for those who chose not to stay.

I loved that we were able to do everything at Oceanstone – from getting ready, to waking up the next day to have breakfast with all of our friends and family.  I loved the variety available at Oceanstone – we had the fireplaces lit, we had games inside, we had the firepit going outside.  To top it all off, everyone at Oceanstone made it so easy for us to have a relaxed stay and wedding day.  We couldn’t have asked for better.”










Photographer: Alex MacAulay Photographers Inc.

What Was the Highlight of Your Wedding Day?

“It’s impossible to choose a favourite moment!!  We had a wonderful and memorable day!!  I loved all of the moments above, I loved the setting.  Seeing my husband-to-be in the sunroom area as I was walking down the aisle.  It was all very special.”

What’s New Since Your Wedding? Where are You Now?

“We are currently living in Botwood, Newfoundland.  We bought our house by the water before the wedding and moved in shortly after the wedding.  We’re filling our home with baby furniture in preparation for Baby Godsell in December 2017.”









Elizabeth & Sean

Married April, 28, 2017,

Elizabeth and Sean had an intimate 30 person wedding and neither of them had ever been to Oceanstone before they arrived for their wedding weekend. 

Why Did You Choose Oceanstone for your Wedding?

“When we were thinking about traveling from Seattle to have our wedding in Nova Scotia and we started looking for venues, Oceanstone met every single requirement. On top of that, it was relatively close to where Sean grew up, and then the reviews sealed the deal. Even after we’d chosen Oceanstone, we knew we’d made the right decision because every vendor we hired had nothing but wonderful things to say about Oceanstone.”

What Was Highlight of Your Wedding Day?

“Other than getting to marry each other, the best part of our wedding day was just how welcoming and warm the entire experience was. There is a never ending list of what made the weekend perfect, and our actual wedding day was everything we could have wished for, in huge part due to the incredible staff. We had guests from all over the US and Canada, and everyone raved about how wonderful the people at Oceanstone were. The venue is beautiful, the food was amazing, the cabins are charming, but the people truly made our day.”

What’s New Since Your Wedding? Where are You Now?

“Shortly after the wedding we moved out of our apartment in downtown Seattle to an old house just outside of downtown. We adopted a puppy named Molly, have been working on making the house a home, and are looking forward to our first holiday season as husband and wife.”









Elyse & Jacob 

Married Thursday, August 25, 2016

Why Did You Choose Oceanstone for your Wedding?

“As soon as we arrived at Oceanstone, we knew it was the place where we wanted to exchange our vows.  Oceanstone checked off every box for us. It is located right on the Atlantic Ocean coast, so you can smell the salt water in the air. The grounds, gardens and views are breathtaking, making it the ultimate spot for an outdoor ceremony and for wedding photos. The cottages and accommodations are very quaint and cozy and had a very East Coast feel to them. It didn’t hurt to wake up the morning of our wedding to look out and see the beautiful ocean.

All of our guests were extremely happy with how well they were taken care of. The food menu was also amazing. We opted to have a lobster boil and BBQ for the rehearsal dinner outside on the grounds; it was definitely one of the highlights of our wedding. The Oceanstone staff were exceptional. They were there to help us every step of the way. We cannot thank them enough for how easy they made it for us.”

What Was the Best Part of Your Wedding Day?

“The best part of our wedding day was actually being able to enjoy our wedding and spend time with our guests instead of worrying about timing and behind the scenes stuff. The Oceanstone staff kept everything running smoothly.”

What Has Changed Since Your Wedding Day? Where are you now?

“We are currently living and working in Ontario. Since our wedding, we have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy!”


Jesse and Erica

Married on October 1st, 2016

Why Did you Choose Oceanstone for your Wedding?

“Jesse and I are from Ontario and had actually never heard of Oceanstone until we were talking with a friend following our engagement and they mentioned this amazing, romantic spot by Peggy’s Cove. I looked it up and immediately thought “this is perfect, but so far outside the city.” Naturally my mind started to go into planning mode thinking about the logistics of how to transport people, the limited number of guests we could have, how much this is going to cost etc.

Regardless we booked an appointment to come see it and get the scoop. As Jesse and I were driving down from Halifax, he kept saying “this is too far away, where are we even going?” but upon arrival we both fell silent. The grounds were stunning, the air was fresh, the sound of the rolling ocean was soothing to our souls. Oceanstone was it. Worries about logistics, costs, and distance didn’t matter.

Meeting with the Oceanstone staff was the icing on the cake. They were all extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and open to hearing our concerns, providing ideas and accommodating our needs, wants and dreams. Choosing Oceanstone is a decision we would make over and over again!”

What Was the Best Part of your Wedding Day?

“The whole day was truly perfect but I have to expand this to the entire weekend because it really was a wedding weekend. We had guest travelling in from a far, many who came in for the whole weekend and had a great party Friday night around the campfire with our loved ones. I think Jesse and I would agree that having our best friends and family in one spot, by the ocean for an entire weekend was truly the best part of celebrating our marriage. The weather was spectacular for October so we got to enjoy everything that Oceanstone has to offer.

I think back to the wedding day and laugh that I couldn’t muster up a tear for the life of me while Jesse and most of his family, did enough crying for the two of us! I was truly on top of the world and didn’t have stress in the world knowing that the Oceanstone Team would take care of it all.”

Where are you now? What’s new since the wedding?

“The week following our wedding day, Jesse and I took a week long staycation relaxing and exploring Nova Scotia, hiking, ziplining and even swimming in the ocean in October! 6 months later we took our official honeymoon and spent 2 weeks exploring Maui which was a life changing experience!

Fast forward to today, Jesse and I are getting ready to move back into our newly renovated house in the north end of Halifax that makes room to welcome our first baby in less than 3 months! Every chance we get we pop down to Rhubarb for lunch and ensure we walk the grounds of Oceanstone and reminisce about our big day. We will be booking a babymoon getaway in the New Year in our favourite cozy cottage, the Grey Owl.”








Photographer: Liam & Steph at Applehead Studios

The Oceanstone Team is so grateful to have hosted such incredible couples.  We hope you enjoyed this little peek inside some of our weddings.  Thank you to all of our vendors that make these weddings possible, and a special thanks to Roberta Micaleff, our amazing Wedding & Events Coordinator.