Roberta talks Weddings!

Our wedding coordinator Roberta talks to ShowCase Weddings about the Oceanstone wedding experience! Hear about our lovely boutique property: just five minutes from Peggy’s Cove!¬†At Oceanstone, we wan’t you and your guests to feel like you have your own private village. The resort is reserved your wedding weekend. You can enjoy the scenery, play, barbecue, or relax with your friends, and family. We take care of everything, so you and your guests can actually enjoy your time here.

We’re not your typical wedding destination. We’re a unique combination of rustic, and class. Our location inspires togetherness, and allows friends and family to come and really celebrate the love and marriage of the couple. People book us from all over the world for the quality of our weddings. (Roberta talks about a recent couple from Signapore, and their experience).

Roberta’s job IS Weddings!

Roberta can’t guarantee the weather on your wedding day…(it is Nova Scotia after all!) But she can guarantee you’ll have an amazing time, rain or shine! She works very closely with every couple, from first viewing, right up to the wedding day. She organizes any and all activities around our weddings that you could wish for. Roberta handles the logistics, and helps you throughout the weekend. She and her team are here for you! Literally! Roberta will oversee the events during your wedding weekend to make sure everything goes smoothly. You can rest easy knowing a professional has you covered!

No need to get mum/dad/brother/sister to stress out, when they could be celebrating your wedding with you!

Create memories that last without the stress. You and your family members should be able to celebrate and have fun at this once-in-a-lifetime event. Weddings don’t have to be hard. Let us bring your dream wedding to life without the stress!