Leroy holds Kayla, his then fiance, on Where to "I do" by Gusto TV.

Leroy & Kayla : Where to “I Do”

19th March 2019

She’s glam, and he’s rustic. Oceanstone can do that.

Meet Leroy & Kayla : he’s a firefighter, and she’s a personal fitness trainer. The two are laser-focused on turning their wedding into an amazing weekend getaway. No small feat when they have 140 guests! They toured the province’s best venues on Where to “I Do” before choosing Oceanstone Seaside Resort as their perfect location.

Try to watch this couple without tearing up. See Leroy & Kayla on Where to "I Do" by Gusto TV

Try to watch this couple without tearing up. See Leroy & Kayla on Where to “I Do” by Gusto TV

Leroy & Kayla ‘s Story

When they first met, Leroy lived in Alberta, and Kayla was in Halifax. 5300 kilometers between them. Kayla eventually moved out to be with him, and they got engaged.

When the Fort McMurray wild fire broke out, Leroy helped battle the blaze while Kayla was evacuated. It was a harrowing time, and they separated again. That’s when they decided to move back to the Maritimes, & get married here. They’re close to Kayla’s family, and don’t have to worry about being apart.

Being here has allowed them to feel closer than ever as they build their future home together.

The Wedding

So begins their journey around Nova Scotia to find the perfect wedding venue! They partnered with Where to “I Do” and saw three gorgeous locations. They wanted a good blend of comfort and rustic for their special day. Leroy wanted to throw axes, and Kayla wanted their guests to be pampered, so the venue needed to be elegant and open. Of course, it also had to be by the sea.

And don’t forget that this is Nova Scotia, so you always need to have a rain plan!

In the end, they chose us at Oceanstone Seaside Resort, and the weather was gorgeous. We helped bring the absolute blend of their visions to life. It’s a destination wedding, but local! In the end, they get their private getaway with their friends and family surrounding them, and Leroy gets his axe throwing. Because that’s what we do here at Oceanstone.

Watch their story unfold on Gusto TV. Or come take a tour of the property!  Come see what Leroy & Kayla experienced for yourself. You’ll soon be dreaming of your own Oceanstone wedding!