Helen and Lucy Early on their Peggy's Cove Adventure

Off-Season Adventures

27th March 2019

A mother-daughter duo have an all out adventure around Peggy’s Cove

Helen and Lucy Early had an amazing adventure down at Peggy’s Cove, and they’re pulling out all the stops (in the travel sense)! It might not be tourist season yet, but these two are having their own staycation. Down by the Cove, it’s beautiful no mater the weather. (Having a cozy fire at night doesn’t hurt either!) Spoiler alert: they were staying in the Pines Cottages

Read all their travel tips, and see what the area has to offer for Nova Scotia residents.

There’s more than meets the Eye

When you live in an area, you often forget to appreciate your surroundings. You don’t think about spectacular natural beauty around you, or the rustic charms.

We’d like to challenge you to explore your home again. Explore Nova Scotia like you’ve never explored it before.