Wedding Photography Feature

We and our wedding coordinator Rebecca McLeod, have had the pleasure to be featured on Alex MacAulay’s website. With some fantastic Oceanstone photography on display, Rebecca was asked what she loved most about her role bringing events to life.

The face behind the magic

First, Alex treated Rebecca to a set of lovely head shots. If you’ve never met Rebecca, know that she is stunning! As a wedding coordinator Rebecca has seen it all. Involved in events for many years now, Rebecca has become a wedding expert. She has learned to take different ideas, and bring them together into something truly magical.

Alex asked her what she loved most about the industry, and for Rebecca it comes down to creativity. The energy, the lights, the speeches; weddings are all unique. Each is a challenge that starts with an idea, and ends with an unforgettable kiss.

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On any given day, we are faced with different priorities that compete for our time. We have the things that we must do. What about the things we really want to do? We tend to trail off as it were…

At Oceanstone, our existence lies in our belief that the best thing anybody can do for themselves is take a day to recharge. A day to focus on the things that put your mind at ease – and to do those things that you really want to do!

Many people stay at Oceanstone to escape the city and recharge. One of the best ways to do this is to spend some time off the grid. These people enjoy the sights and sounds of a hiking trail

Here are three amazing hiking trails within 30 minutes of Oceanstone:

1. Pollys Cove Trail

We all know the famous Peggy, but have you heard of her cousin Polly?

Pollys Cove is one of the hidden gems of the Eastern Shore. Located just 6 minutes from Oceanstone, this trail will reignite your love for the ocean. Directly adjacent to the Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse, this moderate 3.1 kilometre looped trail features beautiful wild flowers, breathtaking ocean views, old abandoned war bunkers and lots of room for adventure.

This trail is very quiet as many people don’t know about it. If you’ve ever been to Peggy’s Cove or Oceanstone you’ve likely driven right past it without even knowing. It’s an outstanding place to explore, catch a sunset and collect your thoughts.

2. High Head Trail

Located 30 minutes from Oceanstone in the picturesque and beautiful town of Prospect, the High Head Trail (also known as the Dr. Bill Freedman Nature Reserve) is one of the most incredible coastal trails in the province – and one of the best kept secrets!

One of the most unique parts of this trail is that you disappear from any sign of civilization within seconds of starting the hike and you’re soon at the ocean’s edge. In total, this trail is about 8 kilometres in length but is an out-and-back so, you can turn around at any point you’d like. You’ll encounter beautiful wildflowers, various wildlife (anything from deer, to seals!), beach rocks, and exquisite ocean views.

This trail is great for a quick adventure or a long day by the ocean. You decide.

3. Nichols Lake Hiking Trail

Despite some popular advice, DO chase waterfalls, and DO check out Nichols Lake falls – located just 30 minutes from Oceanstone.

This 3 kilometer trail is alive with the sights and sounds of nature, making this the ultimate escape from the city. While the trail itself is mostly gravel, you’ll stumble upon a sandy beach and a waterfall on your travels. Please bear in mind, it is a small waterfall, but it is beautiful and worth the hike. It’s also a great place to meditate, picnic or snap a photo!

All of these trails are all conveniently located nearby Oceanstone Seaside Resort – making it easy to return at the end of the hike for some rest and relaxation at our award winning resort. After all, you deserve it!