Rebecca McLeod, wedding coordinator

Wedding Coordinator : Rebecca McLeod

9th May 2019

Wedding Photography Feature

We and our wedding coordinator Rebecca McLeod, have had the pleasure to be featured on Alex MacAulay’s website. With some fantastic Oceanstone photography on display, Rebecca was asked what she loved most about her role bringing events to life.

The face behind the magic

First, Alex treated Rebecca to a set of lovely head shots. If you’ve never met Rebecca, know that she is stunning! As a wedding coordinator Rebecca has seen it all. Involved in events for many years now, Rebecca has become a wedding expert. She has learned to take different ideas, and bring them together into something truly magical.

Alex asked her what she loved most about the industry, and for Rebecca it comes down to creativity. The energy, the lights, the speeches; weddings are all unique. Each is a challenge that starts with an idea, and ends with an unforgettable kiss.

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