8 Fun things to do around your hometown

Staycation: it’s probably about the most underrated S word of all time. 


We all know that it’s important to take days off-  from work, from school and from our routines. But why do we always associate vacations with hopping on a plane and leaving? 

Here in Nova Scotia, you don’t have to go very far to find something beautiful to see or fun to experience. 

Here are 8 fun ways to staycation in Nova Scotia :

1. Visit the Bay of Fundy (Time from Oceanstone: 1:40+)

There is only one place in the entire world that you can see 160 billion tonnes of water move in and out, every day, twice a day. It’s home to more than 12 species of whales AND holds the record for the highest recorded tides in the world – that’s right! We’re talking about the Bay of Fundy.

Not only is it a sight to see, but there are many amazing things you can do on and around the bay of fundy. Go whale watching off Brier Island,  Walk on the ocean floor at Burntcoat Head Park or experience the thrill of chasing the waves and go Tidal Bore Rafting.  

2. Go Tubing down the Gaspereau River (Time from Oceanstone: 1:30)

Tubing down the Gaspereau River has become a classic summertime tradition and staple activity in the Annapolis Valley. 

The float down the 2.5-kilometre stretch of river takes approximately 30 minutes and takes you on a relaxing and blissful ride past scenic farm lands, beautiful landscapes and sometimes even local farm animals. 

3. Catch a sunset in Peggy’s Cove  (Time from Oceanstone: 0:05) 

Peggy’s Point Lighthouse is one of Nova Scotia’s most well-known lighthouses and may be the most photographed in Canada. Located just 5 minutes from Oceanstone – this beauty is a tourist attraction that just never gets old. At the end of the day, watch as the sun meets the ocean and disappears and lights the sky on fire.

4. Take a tour of the Halifax Harbour (Time from Oceanstone: 0:45)

There’s nothing like spending time on the water to make you feel like a tourist – and Halifax has many ways for you to enjoy its beautiful waterfront. From Guided Kayak Tours to Theodore Tugboat to the Halifax Harbour Ferry there are no shortage of ways to enjoy the Halifax harbour. 

View a list of the many harbour tours available here. 

5. Visit a vineyard (Time from Oceanstone: 1:30+)

Situated on one of the cooler climate limits for vines, Nova Scotia’s soil and mesoclimates create some of the most distinctive premium-quality grapes in North America – which means, we have great wine! 

In Nova Scotia, there are over 70 grape growers and more than 800 acres under vine in seven different regions across the province.

Offering a multitude of internationally renowned white, rose, sparkling and red wine. Hop on the Wolfville Magic Winery Bus to take a day trip, or stay a few days to enjoy exceptional wines at one of our many beautiful vineyards. 

6. Have a picnic at Queensland Beach (Time from Oceanstone: 0:35) 

Beaches – we love them, and we have a lot of them! One of our favourite beaches is Queensland beach. Located just 35 minutes from our resort, it boasts white sand, fresh air and excellent views. There are food trucks nearby, or grab a lunch at Rhubarb and enjoy it by the sea at Queensland. 

Don’t forget your towel! 

7. Check off your Halifax Bucket List (Time from Oceanstone: 0:45)

If you’re looking for a cost effective way to do and see as much of the city as possible, check our the Halifax Bucket List Pass. Enjoy brewery tours, museum visits, segway tours and more – for a reduced bundled price. 

Choose between a 24 hour, 48 hour or 72 hour pass. These three options mean there is a duration to fit every schedule. You can experience everything you want in an action-packed day, or spread out the fun over several days of wanderings.

8. Spend a night at Oceanstone 

Let the chaos and confusion of a busy world fall away; bathe in the fresh air, enjoy the magic of the open Atlantic, smell the delicate perfume of our flower gardens and be charmed by the sweet sounds of nature. A night at Oceanstone is the perfect way to reconnect to the natural world and to yourself. We have a variety of rooms and cabins to make you feel at home and at ease. 

We’re so honoured and excited to have been nominated for Best Staycation Spot and Best Hotel in the 2019 Best of Halifax awards and we’d love it if you would vote for us.  

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