A mother-daughter duo have an all out adventure around Peggy’s Cove

Helen and Lucy Early had an amazing adventure down at Peggy’s Cove, and they’re pulling out all the stops (in the travel sense)! It might not be tourist season yet, but these two are having their own staycation. Down by the Cove, it’s beautiful no mater the weather. (Having a cozy fire at night doesn’t hurt either!) Spoiler alert: they were staying in the Pines Cottages

Read all their travel tips, and see what the area has to offer for Nova Scotia residents.

There’s more than meets the Eye

When you live in an area, you often forget to appreciate your surroundings. You don’t think about spectacular natural beauty around you, or the rustic charms.

We’d like to challenge you to explore your home again. Explore Nova Scotia like you’ve never explored it before.

Allie & Sam’s Cottage Staycation

I have been dreaming about visiting Oceanstone Resort for such a long time. If you have read my 2018 Travel Bucket list post it was actually included. I am so excited to announce that I have checked off something from that list already! I have been ogling peoples photos of Oceanstone’s on social media for so long, and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. Oceanstone is a seaside resort located just minutes away from Peggy’s Cove and about 40 minutes from our home in Halifax. It is one of the top wedding locations in Nova Scotia and the perfect spot to disconnect from the busyness of life. They have rooms, suites, and cottages available and each cottage at Oceanstone is unique.



We stayed in the Captain’s House. This big blue cottage is right on the water. Inside there are three bedrooms. One on the main floor and two bedrooms on the upper floor. The cottage had so much character and it made us long for our own piece of heaven on the ocean. The decor was the perfect mix of old and new, the walls were all painted a crisp white, there was exposed beam ceilings in the living area and a wood stove that we used lots.

I would completely recommend the Captain’s House for a family getaway. With three bedrooms, five beds, two bathrooms, and a full kitchen – it is the perfect place to enjoy time with your family. Allie and I are already trying to figure out who we should bring for a visit in the summer!

I am obsessed with the ocean, I mean look at the name of my blog, and this was the perfect place to connect with the ocean. The view was to die for. From every room, you could see the ocean with its large crashing waves and mist rolling in. READ MORE…


Coming to Halifax? Not sure what to do? I’ve received SO many emails and messages asking for my suggestions for Halifax, so I decided to make a blog post for you all! I’m happy so many of you are excited to come to my city because I really do love it oh so much. To celebrate #Canada150 I’ve compiled a pretty intense travel guide for you, but if you have any specific questions PLEASE let me know. I’m happy to address any of your travel concerns.

*Also don’t miss it but I’ve collaborated with a bunch of local bloggers, so be sure to check out their blogs as well.


If you have a car you’ve got to go to Peggy’s Cove because it’s what EVERY tourist does lol. Heads up it’s VERY windy, and usually pretty cold (in case you wanted to shoot outfit pics). While you’re there also visit Polly’s Cove and dine at The Rhubarb for dinner, or stay at Oceanstone…

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“Do you have a peer group…a community…a tribe…a squad…whatever the cool kids..and Taylor Swift…call it?  😉 I feel so lucky to be working as a blogger, which is mostly a solo gig, but also to have found “my people” at ECM Media.   With the  support of ECM, bringing us together to network and learn, I’ve learned so much and have been privileged to make friends along the way. I’ve spent some time learning how to paint, decorate with flowers, and sometimes we get together in a beautiful setting like Oceanstone Seaside Resort…”

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Okay guys, this will be a bit of Story Time so bare with me… you will love it, I promise!

Let’s back track to the day I got engaged. Jon proposed in September of 2013 on a Friday and the following Monday morning I was on the phone with Oceanstone because I knew that was the place that I wanted to get married. I was lucky enough to get around the date that I was hoping for because boy, do they fill up fast! We knew we wanted to get married in Nova Scotia because this was our home, where we met, also where we grew up and started adulting. Jon’s family is from Iceland and My family lives in Nova Scotia and at that point they didn’t really have a lot of time to spend together so I wanted to give them the classic east coast oceanside cottage retreat so they could relax and get to know each other and Oceanstone was beyond perfect for that. The best thing about planning a wedding at Oceanstone (aside from the staff, more on how amazing they are later) was the fact that the entire property was reserved for your wedding party for two full nights. This allowed us to have a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony the night before our actual wedding so we were able to combine both of our cultures together… not to mention the opportunity for our family and friends to gather and meet and mingle before the more formal day…

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Oceanstone Seaside Resort can be found nestled along the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean not far from Downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. If I could describe the property in three words it would be charming, relaxing & perfect.

I took my mum for a little mother-daughter retreat. We checked in and were given our keys for the Periwinkle Cottage – a sweet little spot featuring two cozy bedrooms & a deck close enough to the ocean that you could throw a rock off into the Atlantic! The cottage had cute features like barnboard throughout, driftwood accent furniture and a beautiful wood stove…

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This is a snippet from David Culligan’s Facebook post. For the video, and full post, click here!

Huge thanks to Oceanstone for having us for a much needed escape from the hustle and an amazing dinner at Rhubarb with some amazing live music from John Gracie. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t stomping my feet and pounding the table to the music.

The food was amazing and the cabin was so so cozy.

Got to make some s’mores in the wood stove and my absolutely favourite part was the view of the ocean only about 30 feet away from our back deck…

Friday, I was having a day. The kids were acting out, Poppy had hit a whole new level with her teething, and I looked like I needed 20 hours of sleep. we put the kids to bed and Rob told me not to worry, he was going to whisk me away soon enough.

The next day, I was ordered to go to the city to grab a dress that would photograph well on a beach but would also be great for a nice dinner together. I found this one at Forever21 and started to get excited about what was going on but really had no idea any details until Monday.
I guess I should backtrack a bit. As many of you loyal readers know, I turned 30 last month and as you could tell from my social media, we didn’t really do much for it. I had always pictured going down south to celebrate but it just wasn’t in the cards this year, so I just moved through it like it was any other day.

Rob felt horrible for us not doing anything big. So, behind my back, he secretly planned out a night away just the two of us to Oceanstone Seaside Resort.

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Happy Sunday guys!! I’ve been so excited to be able to share with you our experience at Oceanstone Seaside Resort in Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia. After a whirlwind work weekend in Halifax we could not wait to take off, head out of the city and wake up beside the ocean. Oceanstone Resort is about 40 minutes outside of Halifax and the absolute perfect, relaxing, getaway spot. I cannot tell you how beautiful this place is, it’s truly magical.
We left the day that Ed Sherran’s new album came out, the album played on repeat all weekend so imagine all those awesome dreamy songs playing in the background of all of this.

We had the absolute pleasure of a one-night getaway at the Oceanstone Seaside Resort. This lovely resort is located in Indian Harbour, only 40 minutes from Halifax and about 75 minutes from the Annapolis Valley. It’s the ideal location for weddings, corporate meetings and of course a staycation.

The property is stunning! It’s truly a beautiful and magical escape from the stress of everyday life. Oceanstone Seaside Resort is far enough outside of the city to allow for complete relaxation. Plus, it’s right on the ocean! Take a stroll along the beach (the freezing cold temperatures didn’t stop us!) and soak up the salt air. There’s something rejuvenating about being surrounded by nature and within a stone’s throw of the ocean. This getaway will give you the chance to chill out and regroup…

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