Top Ten Things To Do At Oceanstone


Relaxation & Adventure

As one of Nova Scotia’s most favorable destinations, Oceanstone Seaside Resort is all about the idyllic views, relaxation and soaking up the sun while enjoying many activities onsite or off. Located only minutes to the iconic Peggy’s Cove, this region boasts some of the most impressive shorelines in the world. If you are taking a trip to this sunny and vibrant region of Nova Scotia, you may want to read our list of the top 10 things to do when visiting Oceanstone.

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1. Walk on the beach.

Take a stroll along the water’s edge. This is ideal for any hour but in the evening you can take in the exceptional sunset over St. Margaret’s Bay. A peaceful way to end your day.

2. Rock hop at Peggy’s Cove.

Just down the road at Peggy’s Cove you will find large granite rocks galore, each one with their own fingerprint on the rugged shoreline. Hop the rocks, visit the lighthouse and take in a bagpipe performance.

3. Dinner at the Rhubarb.

Visit our onsite restaurant where you will have a dining experience in an unspoiled setting overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Fresh, locally-sourced food in a casual atmosphere with a tasty array of seasonal, value-priced dishes to tempt serious gourmands and comfort foodies alike. Presented with in unsurpassable service, The Rhubarb is a gem.

4. Play a game.

We have lots of onsite games that will make recreationalists happy. Set up the outdoor badminton net or if you have a competitive side you could organize a washer toss tournament. We love how these games bring guests together. Just make sure you are ready to laugh and enjoy yourself.

5. Enjoy an Oceanside bonfire.

Is there anything more enjoyable than roasting marshmallows, having great conversations, taking in the beautiful ocean views and creating lasting memories? We didn’t think so either. Come stoke the fire with us.

6. Hike local trails.

Oceanstone sits along the Coastal Heritage Trail – Our Museum Without Walls. Take a walk along this trail to discover history in its natural setting. Learn tales of great bravery, tragedy and triumph at the various interpretive sites.

7. Golf at Granite Springs.

A drive, pitch and a putt away in Bayside you will find Granite Springs Golf Club. This scenic 18 hole, par 72 course overlooks the picturesque Shad Bay. There are many green fee options and club rentals for the traveling type. What are you waiting FORE?

8. Eat lobster.

Head on down to Ryer Lobster to savor the flavour of a local and very fresh lobster. They steam to order and you have the option of eating there or taking the lobster back to your Oceanstone cottage. Other seafood also available. It’s all tasty!

9. Be still, be quiet.

Sometimes that is what vacations are all about. If that sounds your speed we have cards, board games and books available in the main building. You can also ask at reception for someone to turn off your phone. We’re happy to comply!

10. Get Married!

We’ve won top 5 places in Canada to get married by Elle Magazine as well as the Canadian Wedding Industry Awards. Our boutique, gourmet weddings really make Oceanstone a fabulous place for your special life moment.



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