Winter Relaxation

As one of Nova Scotia’s most favorable destinations, Oceanstone Seaside Resort is all about the idyllic views, relaxation by the fire, while enjoying many winter activities, onsite or off. Located only minutes to the iconic Peggy’s Cove, this region boasts some of the most impressive shorelines in the world. If you are taking a trip to this scenic region of Nova Scotia, you may want to read our list of the top 10 things to do when visiting Oceanstone in the Winter!

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S'mores by your own bonfire

Playing Sequence with some wine in Captain's House Cottage

Rhubarb Restaurant is open year round!Beautiful Winter skies over the gentle sea


1. Eat Lobster

Did you know it is our lobster season? Check out the amazing events all along our South Shore! From February 1- 15th

2. Get a front row seat

Nature can be its most impressive when it is at its most fearsome. Book a one of our Storm Watch Packages and be truly awed by the power of the sea!

3. Friday Night Music

Rhubarb Restaurant hosts musical evenings every Friday Night! Come and enjoy some delicious food and great local performances!

4. Board games by the fire

Relaxation by a roaring fire! If its cold or snowing, there’s no need to leave the warmth of your cottage. Play some board games with your loved ones, and enjoy some spirited competition, and maybe a glass of wine!

5. Day trip to Ross Farm museum

Family fun weekends await! Take a sleigh ride and experience life as it was many years ago! Visit friendly farm animals or see one of the many events that take place all throughout the winter.

6. Hygge

Based on a Danish concept and pronounced “hoo-ga,” this package encompasses a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life. And we think Oceanstone is the perfect place to experience it for yourself! Here is what your package includes- perfect for a couple of girl’s night getaway!……..

7. Peggy’s Cove

Incredible in all seasons. Just down the road at Peggy’s Cove you will find large granite rocks galore, each one with their own fingerprint on the rugged shoreline. Witness the majesty of the sea mid-winter.

8. Smores by the fire

What winter treat could be better? Bring on the marshmallows, and get to building s’mores. Add some hot-chocolate and you’re set!

9. Sleeping In

In winter, the land sleeps under a blanket of snow. So why don’t you get some rest too? Listen to the peaceful sound of the ocean as you gently drift off to sleep. Let the ocean waves quietly wake you, when YOU are ready.

10. Get Married!

Winter can be a beautiful season for a wedding. Snow covered fields and winter skies over quiet sees can make for beautiful photography!



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