We Made the Right Choice

My husband and I had the pleasure of enjoying our wedding rehearsal, ceremony, reception and even a relaxing “day after” with Oceanstone. From the very beginning planning stages to handing in our keys at checkout, each and every experience was very positive, if not wowing.

We were lucky enough to have Susan and Roberta take care of us over the course of our Oceanstone experience, and I don’t think I could have asked for better coordinators. These ladies truly went above and beyond in a way that I didn’t even realize existed in the service industry. Any potential problem I presented, they would come back with several solutions.

The food was amazing. Our taste test was an experience on its own, and we found it extremely difficult to make our final decision. We ended up choosing the bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin (which was incredible), however we mourned the idea of never having the green chicken curry again. Well, weren’t we overjoyed to find two green chicken curry dinners waiting in our cottage for us the day after our wedding. Seriously.

I didn’t speak to a single guest after the wedding that didn’t have something positive to say about the venue and the incredible staff (unprompted, mind you!). Servers took time out of their very busy evening to joke around with their tables. The kitchen staff were incredible – not only did they invite the bridal party to come into the kitchen and warm our hands at the oven after a very chilly photo session (which we were so incredibly grateful for), but actually volunteered their own jackets for the ladies to wear while waiting outside during the second portion of photos. Roberta brewed my husband’s mother a pot of coffee each morning she stayed. Susan brought in sea shells from her own personal collection for a non-local guest looking for shell souvenirs when there weren’t many on the beach. These simple, unbelievably kind gestures are the ones that left the greatest impressions on my husband, myself and our guests. These are really only a few examples of the unbelievable service we received with Oceanstone.

I also had the unfortunate luck of losing a very special ring my grandmother had lent me for the day. This was a cloud that followed me around for the entire evening. I was completely overwhelmed when I walked into the lobby the next morning and the receptionist told me they had found my ring.

To say that everything was perfect would be just such an understatement. Susan, Roberta and Troy took such wonderful care of us on our wedding day, and the 6 months leading up to it. I was reminded during every single interaction that we had made the right choice with Oceanstone. Such a beautiful, beautiful venue with the most incredible, talented individuals. The entire staff at Oceanstone truly removed every stress-inducting element of wedding planning, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you!!

We can’t wait to visit again soon!
Brittany & Matt